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SOKOLOV brand presents collections in gold and silver. The variety of materials and technologies used allows us to create jewellery of different lines — from trendy fast fashion to ever-popular and elegant classics. The wide range of designs we offer is great for creating a perfect collection for any jewellery boutique.


SOKOLOV jewellery is created in the Company’s in-house design office. Unique collections are developed with consideration of the latest trends and the customers’ preferences. The broad variety of designs is great for compiling a collection for a jewelry store.


SOKOLOV is the largest jewellery manufacture in Europe. The newest technologies and cutting-edge equipment ensure the exceptional quality of the brand’s jewellery. The Company’s artisans are experienced professionals in the jewellery field, many of them are hereditary jewellers.


SOKOLOV guarantees exceptional service to its partners. Our skilled professionals will help you put together a complete offer of SOKOLOV jewellery collections for the end customer. Our sales support services will make our partnership as effective as possible.